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Isa tatu Berlin | preparation tattoo

Everyone has a story to tell and tattooing is one of the oldest and therefore longest artforms of visual storytelling people have ever used.


Please contact me once you are absolutely sure that you want to have the tattoo. For your protection I am not going to tattoo you if I can sence an uncertainity or doubt and I kindly ask you to check in with yourself before you are reaching out to me.

  • I recommend you to choose me as your artist because you like my work. That's how we have a good chance to make you happy ;)​

  • During the process of you explaining your idea, initial sketches are made by me to create a first rough tattoo design. ​

  • Underline your idea with images of tattoo styles you like (also from my portfolio)​

  • We do a direct consultation for bigger projects, for smaller ones a consultation via mail is usually enough​

  • Works of other artists can be used as a rough guidline but please don't ask me to copy an already excisting tattoo – I won't.​

  • The design will be presented on the day, we will have enough time to adapt the design to your wishes and preferences.​

  • A design check is possible in person, I do not send designs via digital media​

  • A proposal for a good aftercare is explained after the work is done – then it is up to you :)


Isa Tatu | tattooArtist

I got trained and still work in a professional tattoo studio under the highest hygiene standards.

I only use vegan inks and the best way of sustainable materials.

Fusion ink

Eternal ink

Silverblack ink



After the tattoo is done and safely packed I release you under your own care. Here is a brief description of a correct aftercare that worked best for me:

  • If your tattoo got wrapped into second skin you don‘t have to do anything for the next 2-3 days

  • If you are released with cling film you need to change it every three hours and wash your tattoo with clear water inbetween

  • After 2-3 days take off your second skin

  • Wash your tattoo with clear water

  • Let it dry under fresh air (inside and no dirt)

  • Start creaming with a tattoo cream 3-5 times a day

  • Use a very thin layer of cream for the next 10 days​


  • go into the sun, use an old sock (cut off the toes of it) or anything else to cover your fresh tattoo. No sports for at least 10 days (also sauna, swimming, etc.)​


happy client
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