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Isa Tatu, tattoo artist berlin
  • Please send me your request for a new tattoo via email or the contact form

  • Describe as detailed as possible what art you are thinking of, you can add images via email from tattoos, illustrations or also pictures from my profile

  • I am not copying the work from other artists, it can serve as a hint and basic guidline. 

  • Size and placement? Please put attached a picture of the bodypart (not cropped – ask a friend to do it if it is tricky to do so by yourself)

  • Please tell me if a certain budget shouldn‘t be exceeded

  • Please tell in which of the available cities you want to get tattooed

  • Please tell at least three dates that are possible for you (no Saturdays possible in Berlin) or weekdays that work best for you


I am currently tattooing at:

Salzburg: Moksha Tattoo Gallery

Berlin, only for May '23: Herr Fuchs und Frau Bär

You can submit your request via the form beside or:


Choose your Location
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